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We hope that all Vietnamese consumers will be able to use the freshest, most nutritious and safest fruit and vegetable products at’s clean vegetable food supply store. With the mission of becoming one of the leading suppliers of clean food and processing agricultural products, packing fresh dry goods for export in Vietnam, reaching out all over the world. is committed to bringing consumers the freshest agricultural products from regions across the country with the aim of “Bringing nature into your home”. With the strict selection and control process of Agricultural Products, has created an investment fund specializing in purchasing and providing distribution of the freshest and freshest vegetable products from farms to help consumers. have the freshest meals in each distinct product from nature. Development Joint Stock Company specializes in providing clean food, grown and cared for according to the process from farms across the country to consumers. Our distribution system is registered and owned as and is headquartered at: 683 Giai Phong Street, Giap Bat Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi

With the business philosophy of complying and ensuring the freshest quality, the origin of the product is clear. We are committed to not using any preservatives that are prohibited by the Ministry of Health from being used and commitment to customers about all products distributed through the distribution system of Agricultural Products to ensure the safest.

With a commitment to distribute only goods supplied from reputable manufacturers and have been certified by competent health authorities and ensure food hygiene and safety, they have the right to provide clean food. , agricultural products are specialties from all regions of the country, daily-use foods such as fresh seafood, frozen food (fish, shrimp, crab,…) fresh meat (beef) , pork, chicken,..); packaged foods, processed foods, vegetables, regional rice and food additives such as spices used in daily cooking,…

With domestic and foreign needs, Agricultural Products always meet your strictest requirements. We provide clean food for units: hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens, schools, kindergartens, educational systems are shops, wholesale markets and especially Export to your country such as Taiwan, China, Russia, Czech,…